4 x Output

Our System boasts twice the output of the competition. Ultrasonic Antifouling Dual and Quad outputs available.

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Huge Savings with our Unit

Up to 15% Savings on running costs. Clean Hull means reduced drag! This and the fact our units are the most addordable available is a winning combination.

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Safety Is ALWAYS First

Our units are designed for safety. Temperature protection, Independant Output Control, Current Monitoring, Advanced Ferrite Filtration and more.
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Multiple Input Voltage

12VDC or 24VDC Input. Our system will automatically take either voltage and provide the same quality protection!

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Active Self Monitoring

Active Current, Output, Temperature, and more monitoring. With instant compensation and automatic variable output control. All while providing realtime information on the built-in LCD Display.

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!BLAST! Function

Proprietary !BLAST! Function for vastly improved protection. Yet another industry leading improvement by Globatech Australia. Ultimate Ultrasonic Antifouling Technology
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